The faces behind the boards


alfresco style...

Sharing, tearing, nibbling and grazing. The newest, most fashionable way of dining.


We are bringing that savvy alfresco feel directly to your home, to your party and to your special occasion.

twin duo

RARE grazing boards & boxes are created and sourced by us, twin duo, Rachel & Rebecca. We LOVE entertaining over good food and feel our boards allow others to experience this enjoyment by socially nibbling over FRESH, LOCAL and GOOD QUALITY food.


We believe there is no better pleasure than relaxing, chatting and grazing with friends or family, allowing people to eat and drink as they please without the restriction of a large plate or a set dinner.

Our casual alfresco approach to dining is the new dinner party must-have, the perfect catering for an event and the most beautiful date night with your family, friends or your partner. 

Meet Janette & Annette. The Driving Force behind Team RARE. If you have had the pleasure of meeting these lovely ladies you will notice they are also identical twins.



A lot of our HARD WORK ETHOS and DETERMINATION came from these wonderful women that happen to be our Mum and Aunt. If you have tasted our HOMEMADE JAMS then you have these ladies to thank! Delicious.

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2B Lough Road 

Upper Ballinderry, Lisburn

BT28 2PJ

Northern Ireland

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